EP 2: Coordination of respiration and swallowing with Ulrike Frank

Inhaling, exhaling, swallowing, exhaling … and all over again. Breathing and swallowing are two natural parts of our human lives. But how does it actually work? How do our brains coordinate it? And what happens when a respiratory or neurological disease is present?

In this episode Dr. Ulrike Frank shares her expertise on respiration, swallowing and the coordination of the two. She also gives great insights in the assessment and treatment of respiratory swallow coordination in patients with respiratory/neurological diseases.

Literature that we talk about as well in this episode and further helpful information:
(please note: simply click on the authors’ names to be directed to an open access version of the article; in some cases this may be the authors’ manuscript)

A great overview by Ulrike, but only in German and without open access:
Frank, U. (2018). Atem-Schluck-Koordination: Grundlagen, Einflussfaktoren und klinische Implikationen. LogoTHEMA, 15(1), 6-9.

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