Other Podcasts

On this page you can find some other podcasts that we can recommend listening to if you are interested in swallowing, swallowing disorders and research.

“Disfagia in evidenza” is hosted by Dr. Irene Battel and Beatrice Manduchi, two Italian Speech and Language Therapists. Their podcast is for SLTs and other related health care professionals working in the field of dysphagia who would like to learn more about research on dysphagia. They talk about the latest updates and the most controversial topics in dysphagia research, and offer ideas and insights on how to bring scientific evidence into clinical practice.

Note: this podcast is in Italian only

“Iss nix” is hosted by Prof. Stefanie Duchac and Alexander Fillbrandt, two German Speech and Language Therapists. Their podcast is all about the assessment and treatment of dysphagia but also stories about swallowing and swallowing disorders. Listen in as they talk about swallowing and not swallowing – and as they like to say – sometimes with each other, sometimes past each other, and sometimes with experts.

Note: this podcast is in German only

“Down the Hatch” is hosted by Dr. Ianessa A. Humbert and Dr. Alicia K. Vose. Unfortunately, they have discontinued the podcast but the 43 episodes that are still available online are worth listening to!

Note: this podcast is not being updated anymore

“Swallow your Pride” is hosted by Theresa Richard and is probably the “biggest” of all swallowing podcasts available at the moment. The Swallow Your Pride Podcast was created with the purpose of diving deeper into the issues that speech-language pathologists face when working with patients with swallowing disorders. A new episode is uploaded weekly and there are over 290 episodes out there already.

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