About Us

We are Julia and Jule, two speech and language therapists from Germany. We met each other during our M.Sc. at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) in Ireland and our special interests are in swallowing, swallowing disorders (dysphagia) and research. 

Julia is currently doing her PhD on dysphagia in Parkinson’s Disease at TCD under the supervision of Prof. Margaret Walshe and Jule is working clinically with children and adults in an out-patient dysphagia rehabilitation center in Germany.

This podcast is for everyone interested in dysphagia, such as students, clinicians, and researchers. With our guests we discuss current evidence and highlight different perspectives on dysphagia. We also address questions such as “What are current trends in research on dysphagia?” or “How to implement the latest evidence into your clinical world?”.

As (former) students we know how valuable and rare free, online, on-demand resources on dysphagia are. With this podcast we would like to provide you with new insights, perspectives and tips on dysphagia and evidence-based practice.

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