EP 3: LSVT LOUD and swallowing with Cynthia Fox

In this episode we speak to Dr. Cynthia Fox, CEO and co-founder of LSVT Global and LSVT LOUD faculty. The Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT or LSVT LOUD) is an approach that was originally developed to treat voice and speech disorders in people with Parkinson’s disease. Over the years, changes in swallowing have been observed in patients with Parkinson’s post LSVT LOUD and pilot studies have investigated the effects of LSVT LOUD on swallowing in this patient population.

But does this mean that we can apply LSVT LOUD as a dysphagia treatment in patients with Parkinson’s? What about Atypical Parkinsonian Syndromes? We asked Cynthia all kinds of questions about LSVT LOUD, the relationship with swallowing and the current state of evidence.

Literature that we talk about in this episode and further helpful information:

LSVT Global Webinar: What we know about LSVT LOUD and swallowing impairments associated with Parkinson’s disease

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