EP 31: Dysphagia in head and neck cancer with Kate Hutcheson

It was about time we had a conversation about dysphagia in people with head and neck cancer (HNC). And this time our guest was none other than Prof Katherine A Hutcheson from the University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Kate answered all our questions about HNC-related dysphagia and its presentation, prehabilitation and instrumental assessment using the Dynamic Imaging Grade of Swallowing Toxicity (DIGEST), which she and her colleagues developed. 

Literature that we discuss:

  • Hutcheson et al., (2016). DIGEST: Scale Development and Validation
  • Hutcheson et al,. (2022). Validation of DIGEST version 2
  • Starmer et al., (2021). Adaptation and Validation: DIGEST-FEES
  • Labeit et al., (2023). Validation DIGEST-FEES in Parkinson’s Disease
  • toxicity grading in cancer: USA: CTCAE, Europe: EORTC
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