EP 29: Pediatric Feeding Disorders in the NICU with Pamela Dodrill

Join us in this episode as we explore the world of pediatric feeding disorders in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with Dr. Pamela Dodrill, a Pediatric Feeding Specialist. Together with her co-authors, Pamela developed a consensus definition and conceptual framework for pediatric feeding disorders and she was part of the FOIS-P team, the Functional Oral Intake Scale for pediatrics. We talk about these two projects and her work in the NICU and how it differs from other settings. Pamela also talks about the feeding and swallowing assessment pathway in the NICU and how the treatment is guided by a thorough assessment. We conclude the episode by asking Pamela about her vision in this field and what research we need in the future for this population.

Literature and resources that we discuss:

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