EP 28: The IDDSI framework with Peter Lam

As clinicians working in dysphagia management, providing guidance on different consistencies to support our patients in their rehabilitation process and daily life is a fundamental aspect of our clinical responsibilities. However, effective communication about these consistencies is a recurring challenge for both patients and clinicians. In previous episodes, you have already heard us talk about IDDSI. We have now had the pleasure to talk to Peter Lam (chair person and chief-executive officer) from the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI). Peter gives a comprehensive overview of IDDSI: What it is, why it is helpful for dysphagia clinicians and how to start implementing it in clinical practice.

You can find lots of resources on the IDDSI website: www.iddsi.org. You can find more information on the testing methods here. If you have any questions for the IDDSI team, you can email them at office@iddsi.org

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