EP 23: EMST and smTAP for rehabilitating airway protection with Michelle Troche

In this episode we speak to Prof. Michelle Troche and delve into the crucial topic of airway protection and its connection to swallowing and coughing. Together we explore two approaches: Expiratory Muscle Strength Training (EMST) as a strength based approach and the skill based approach called sensorimotor training for airway protection (smTAP). Michelle explains the relevance of training airway protection in dysphagia management, the available evidence base, and limitations of both EMST and smTAP.

If you like, you can watch two videos on how to do EMST and smTAP. Click here to watch the first one on how the clinician and patient are practicing in the clinic. Click here to watch the second one on how the patient is practicing at home. Both videos were originally published as supporting information here.

Articles that we discuss and further helpful literature:

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