EP 12: A Parkinson’s case discussion with Ulrike Frank & James Curtis

Have you ever wondered what is going on in dysphagia experts’ minds when they are seeing a new patient for the first time? What details do they look out for? What are the rationales for upcoming steps in their clinical management?

For this episode, we invited Dr Ulrike Frank and Dr James Curtis, two experienced clinicians and researchers, presented them a case scenario and accompanied them on their decision-making process through the acute phase until long-term rehabilitative assessment and treatment planning.

Join us and meet Tom, the 84-year old Parkinson’s patient with dysphagia, and find out what Ulrike and James would have done in terms of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures as clinicians of Tom.

The patient Tom is based on a case scenario described in this book (only in German):
Eibl, K. (2019). Kapitel 22: Akinetische Krise mit Dysarthrie und Dysphagie bei Morbus Parkinson. In K. Eibl (Ed.), Fallbuch Sprachtherapie: Neurologie, Geriatrie und Akutrehabilitation (1. Edition, pp. 291–302). Elsevier.

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